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Matt Brunner

Sacramento area native, Matt Brunner, is the owner and manager of Common Kettle Farms. Matt’s interests in ecological agriculture began at the University of California Santa Cruz, where the agroecology classes of Steve Gliessman inspired the notion that changes to our current food system framework can bring about change in the world. Before that revelation, Matt’s studies were purely in Policy and Political theory, which only invoked extreme frustration pertaining to our current state of affairs and the directions we are headed. After finishing a dual degree in Politics and Environmental Studies, Matt headed to Nicaragua to complete his last units with an internship through the Community Agroecology Network (CAN), a student run fair-trade coffee organization. CAN facilitated direct marketing from coffee cooperatives in Central America to American consumers (via mail), and Matt spent three months with the Rayos family, a member of the CECOCAFEN cooperative. In Nicaragua, Matt experienced rural agriculture firsthand and became fluent in Spanish. Following the three month stay in Nicaragua, Matt headed to Costa Rica for a month long internship at the Punta Mona farm and center for Permaculture. The principles of Permaculture to promote land stewardship and responsible social and economic structures stuck with Matt for the duration of travels.

In returning to the States, Matt’s only goal was to learn more about small-scale ecological agriculture. First, he spent several weeks at Pete Rasmussen’s organic garlic and mixed vegetable farm in northern Utah, Sandhill Farms. Later he went on to visit a variety of organic farms in British Columbia through the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) organization, an experience that inspired him to continue his WWOOF experience on European soil, a decision that would forever alter his life. After six months of travel through Ireland, Spain, Morocco, and France, Matt found himself in the Netherlands, where he met his wife Marga. During his two-year long stay in the Netherlands, Matt became fluent in Dutch and managed farmers market operations for his in-laws’ natural food company. Despite a great experience overseas, Matt and Marga both knew that farming was their destiny, and Matt’s hometown was the best place to go.

Since purchasing the land in Orangevale, Matt has undergone research and experimentation into sustainable living. The farm has been product of many trials and errors with plant species, methods of cultivation, water-harvesting design, and orchard management. Matt continues to research topics of permaculture, plant propagation, orchard management, bio-intensive gardening, natural building, greywater systems, etc. Matt and Marga are continuing to grow the scope of Common Kettle’s impact on the community as a crop producer, but also as an educational resource for those inspired to undertake similar projects.

Marga den Hoed



Common Kettle's unique vegan, sugar-free treats coming soon to local Farmer's Markets


Marga's delicious goodies now coming to Farmer's Markets!Our offerings of all vegan, all sugar-free, and much gluten-free is an assortment unparalleled. Mostly sweet and some savory, our products are made with the best organic ingredients and produced at home with quality paramount! Come try at Historic Folsom Saturday mornings 8:00-1:00 and Carmichael Park Sunday morning 9:00-2:00.

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Greywater Basics Workshop at Common Kettle March 15th from 2:00-4:00. Cost $15

See successful Greywater Systems in action, learn how they work in different settings, what to plant, and help design and build an example.

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