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Common Kettle Farm is a 2.6-acre parcel of prime agricultural land in Orangevale, CA. Our mission is to transform our land into a sustainable farm and homestead, one which serves as an educational resource for permaculture, bio intensive gardening, cooking for health and sustainability,  and a site for research into local sustainable food systems. The farm features a diverse heirloom fruit orchard, intensive hand-dug vegetable gardens, and passive water harvesting features, permaculture design elements and species experimentation, and natural building projects.

The Land

Our farmhouse was built in 1918, owned originally by a family that immigrated from Pittsburg from the coal mines. Before the second World War, the land was cultivated in vegetables for distribution to Lake Tahoe area. Most of Orangevale at that time was cultivated in table grapes for eastern seaboard markets, made possible by the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Upon purchasing the land in September of 2009, it had been completely neglected for some time and the house was dilapidated. Beer cans pierced the branches of dead trees, scattered sporadically amongst rambunctious weed grass and bramble. After spending six months renovating the beaten down house, it was time to move in, and begin digging the garden and planning the orchard.

Our Family

Matt and Marga raise their four children on the farm. Tijme, Iban, Viera and Aylana are all raised without the intake of animal foods (except very occasional fish) or refined sugar. Marga’s cooking is inspired by her Macrobiotic upbringing fused with inspirations of ethnic and contemporary vegan cooking. Our diet is centered around whole grains, beans, seaweed, fresh fruits and vegetables, and an array of traditional fermented foods. We are always looking to expand our own lifestyle and cooking style, and provide the community with a resource into our own cooking style to raise a healthy and satisfied family.


To accomplish our drive to further the skills of our community as a whole, Common Kettle holds workshops and events in a variety of topics, from gardening to natural building. Our farm is designed to facilitate a variety of subjects in sustainability, ecology, cooking and preserving, etc. Visit our workshops page and calendar of events for more information.

Farm Bios




Common Kettle's unique vegan, sugar-free treats coming soon to local Farmer's Markets


Marga's delicious goodies now coming to Farmer's Markets!Our offerings of all vegan, all sugar-free, and much gluten-free is an assortment unparalleled. Mostly sweet and some savory, our products are made with the best organic ingredients and produced at home with quality paramount! Come try at Historic Folsom Saturday mornings 8:00-1:00 and Carmichael Park Sunday morning 9:00-2:00.

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In case you haven't heard, we are experiencing severe drought! It is time to educate ourselves on what this means for our region and how we can adapt our landscapes to handle it.Landscaping with Grewater can be an easy, low-tech method to recycling clean household water into the landscape to feed trees and shrubs.

Greywater Basics Workshop at Common Kettle March 15th from 2:00-4:00. Cost $15

See successful Greywater Systems in action, learn how they work in different settings, what to plant, and help design and build an example.

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