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Basics of Greywater - Saturday March 15th 2:00-4:00

Considering the drought upon our region it is a better time than ever to reconsider our home water usage. "Greywater" is wastewater coming from laundry machines and bathroom fixtures such as showers, tubs, and sinks. Such greywater is no longer potable, but with the aid of a simple drain system, biofiltration, and bio-degradable soaps this "wastewater" can feed trees and shrubs in your home landscape. Come for a quick lesson on the Basics of Greywater and view existing systems at the farm and see how they work.

$15 Admission

Gardening Workshops with Master Biodynamic Gardener Jim Bowen of

Jim Bowen
Jim currently teaches biodynamic gardening at two schools: Golden Valley Charter School—a K-8 public charter school inspired by Waldorf education—in Orangevale, California and Sungold Discovery Collaborative—a Waldorf-inspired educational program for seventh graders—in Sacramento, California.

March 1st, 9:00-1:00 - Plant Families

This is an introductory workshop on the common plant families that populate the wild California landscape and domesticated growing operations in our region. Participants will learn how to identify members of specific plant families and explore their medicinal and nutritional qualities. We will discuss and contemplate the value of selected weeds growing around the farm. Through individual and group observation exercises we will develop an intimate relationship with the plants that we study. Attendees will gain greater insight in the areas of cultivation, companion planting, and hydro zoning. The skills gained in this workshop will aid you in creating an optimal growing environment for your edible plants!

$30 Admission, Snack and Beverage Included

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April 12th, 9:00-1:00 - Preparing the Soil


May 1oth, 9:00-1:00 - Compost and Field Sprays



Common Kettle's unique vegan, sugar-free treats coming soon to local Farmer's Markets


Marga den Hoed has lifetime experience with Macrobiotic and vegan foods. A Macrobiotic diet is mostly vegan (except occasional fish), emphasizing traditional Japanese and Chinese fermented products (miso, shoyu, umeboshi, etc), and incorporates the theory of yin and yang to classify foods and help us balance our diets accordingly.

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October 15, 2012

Local organic farmers enjoyed a day of fellowship, trade and presentations Sunday at the 10th Kaua‘i Community Seed and Plant Exchange.

Paul Massey, Kaua‘i Community Seed Bank manager and event coordinator, said the event focuses on GMO education and the impact to growers and to everyone as consumers. A primary concern was for cross-pollination of non-GMO crops, which in turn create another hybrid crop.

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