Common Kettle Orangevale, CA

Common Kettle is a 2.6-acre farm and homestead in Orangevale, CA. Our goal is to provide a productive, educational and inspirational environment for the greater Sacramento area, while providing top quality homegrown vegetables and fruit and homemade macrobiotic quality prepared foods. Orangevale is one of the few suburban areas in the greater Sacramento area where agricultural roots are still evident. Large fields and scattered fruit trees still dapple the Orangevale mosaic, which includes modern houses and subdivisions, untended fields, many generation-old fruit and nut trees,  yet little commercial or homestead agriculture. Global economic instability is a cutting reminder that our communities need to be more self-sufficient and sustaining. Re-farming our urban and semi-urban areas is crucial to re-invigorating local economies, reducing our carbon footprints, providing valuable ecological services and re-establishing connection of food with our health and happiness. Common Kettle strives to provide quality products to our community as well as education in a plethora of living skills; including Macrobiotic and Vegan cooking, canning and food preservation, bio-intensive gardening, permaculture, rainwater harvesting, and natural building.

Common Kettle's unique vegan, sugar-free treats coming soon to local Farmer's Markets


Marga's delicious goodies now coming to Farmer's Markets!Our offerings of all vegan, all sugar-free, and much gluten-free is an assortment unparalleled. Mostly sweet and some savory, our products are made with the best organic ingredients and produced at home with quality paramount! Come try at Historic Folsom Saturday mornings 8:00-1:00 and Carmichael Park Sunday morning 9:00-2:00.

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In case you haven't heard, we are experiencing severe drought! It is time to educate ourselves on what this means for our region and how we can adapt our landscapes to handle it.Landscaping with Grewater can be an easy, low-tech method to recycling clean household water into the landscape to feed trees and shrubs.

Greywater Basics Workshop at Common Kettle March 15th from 2:00-4:00. Cost $15

See successful Greywater Systems in action, learn how they work in different settings, what to plant, and help design and build an example.


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